Mind and Body Coaching

Mind Coaching: A Process That Strengthens Your Mind

By Minds Align

Believing in our ability to look after ourselves well, and believing that we are worthy of being well in mind and body, will help us achieve our goal of optimal wellbeing. Having the hardwired beliefs in our mind that we enjoy nutritious and healthy foods will help us automatically reach for those choices. Changing any limiting beliefs at subconscious level of mind will remove the habitual resistance to living healthy lives, mind and body.

About our Mind Coach

Mind Coaching Regardless of whether you need to make your present well being routine more maintainable and simple, or whether you need to change existing habits that are in conflict with your optimal well being in regards to your mind and your body, a mind and body coach can help you achieve more than you may alone.

Rosi Pletzer offers one on one facilitated sessions in person or via Skype. Rosi is an Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator and has also completed the PSYCH-K® Health and Well Being Workshop. She brings a wealth of experience and understanding to her personal sessions in facilitating the changes you seek to make in terms of beliefs around  mind body wellness.

Mind and body coaching places you in the driver’s seat where you can make and experience the changes you are wanting. Action steps are easier without the resistance that may be residing at subconscious mind. Changing limiting beliefs to supporting beliefs allows our conscious mind and subconscious mind to collectively and eagerly support us in taking action towards our desired outcomes.

Healthy Food Choice Mind Coaching

Rosi has been facilitating sessions with people to assist them in making sound associations at conscious mind and subconscious mind between healthy food choices and their body. Mind and Body Coach can help you address any habitual behaviour around eating and/or food choices. PSYCH-K® sessions are especially helpful in assisting you in creating peace and positive associations around healthy eating especially if you see yourself as an emotional eater.

How will I know whether you are the right fit for me?

mind and body coaching is a trust built relationship. In the event that I am not a reasonable match for you, I will do my best to put you in touch with somebody who is.

What sort of packages do you offer?

I don’t utilize set bundles or projects;

A few sessions generally help you accomplish a quick and simple, lasting change. while less continuous More sessions can be booked as you notice changes and if you are wanting progress in other areas of your life. Or you may well choose to undertake the Basic PSYCH-K® Workshop in order to facilitate belief changes with yourself.

Your body is your sanctuary as said by Mind Coach! 🙂 How wonderful a goal to feel at home and comfortable within yourself, body and mind. Creating supporting beliefs at subconscious mind assists in consciously achieving your goals. Enhancing your level of action will set you up for success.

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As stated above, Mind and body coaching may not be a fit for each client, however in a large portion of  cases it is. like many other strategies, Mind Coaching requires the genuine approach of respect, openness, and regard to the clients needs.

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