Master Facilitation Workshops - Minds Align - Rosemarie PletzerFacilitation Workshops

The Master Facilitation Workshops are outstanding workshops that teach you how to apply what you have already learned in the Basic Workshop. It’s one thing to know what to do. It’s another thing to know how to do it with style and finesse and get your Partner where they need to go.

Sharpen your skills and deepen your knowledge and confidence using the PSYCH-K® processes taught in the Basic Workshop. Expand and enhance your abilities helping others deal with life’s challenges. Learn how to transform the perception of stressful situations, identify messages in situations or conditions, and deepen your ability to identify and transform secondary gains.

During this jam packed 3 day intensive you will experience lots of personal growth as you practice the processes! Feedback from Facilitators has been so positive. You will enhance and deepen your skills over the 3 days and be able to implement your facilitation skills with extensive practice sessions. You will learn how to be comfortable and professional Facilitating sessions online or over the phone.

Pre-requisite is the PSYCH-K(R) BASIC workshop!

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