Private Facilitated Sessions

Private Facilitated sessions with Rosi

PSYCH-K®:  It is a simple and non-invasive way to help you communicate with your subconscious mind and change subconscious self-limiting beliefs to self-enhancing ones in regards to your self-esteem, relationships, job/life performance and all aspects of your life!

PSYCH-K® is a set of Principles and Processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit the expression of your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience” Rob Williams, originator of PSYCH-K®.

Stress and Anxiety

Improve your ability to respond to stressful situations and build resilience

Break habits

Harness the power of your subconscious mind, break repetitive patterns, empower yourself to make healthy choices, embrace and love yourself and your body

Improve health

Improve the quality and experience of your life; learn to believe in your body’s ability to thrive

Grief and trauma

Learn to achieve a state of peace and non-attachment

Relationship issues

Improve relationships with yourself and others; be authentic in your relationships

Attract wealth

Experience prosperity and abundance

Life purpose

Achieve your goals and dreams; learn how to clarify what you want

Performance enhancement

Learn to empower yourself to experience your potential in all areas of your life e.g. sports, education, arts, exams, public speaking

We invite you to investigate and experience the powerful outcomes of PSYCH-K® sessions.

The outcomes you can gain from a series of PSYCH-K® sessions are many and varied. A lot depends on the type of issues you are dealing with and how well you undertake integration strategies, ACTION STEPS,  in your daily life.

Some of the more common outcomes include:

    • Change self-limiting core beliefs at a subconscious level to self-enhancing core beliefs
    • Create and live with performance and wellness enhancing beliefs at a subconscious level
    • Respond to situations easily and with your subconscious backing up your conscious choices
    • Develop a healthy and loving relationship with yourself and others
    • Develop tools that clearly and easily assist in stressful situations
    • Feel at peace with the challenges that show up in your life
    • Live with passion, purpose, peace and enjoyment in your body and your life.

PSYCH-K® Facilitator?

Our PSYCH-K® Advanced Facilitator Rosi Pletzer has been facilitating sessions with people from all walks of life over the past 5 years. She is motivated to help you as simply, quickly and effectively as possible.


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