Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind – Playground vs Battleground

I invite you to contemplate reality as you see it

What is actually real and what is merely a representation of what you have been taught or programmed to believe?

Let’s share some common beliefs and different ways of seeing, and ask ourselves curiously if we could perceive them in different ways or points of view.

If I have a belief the world is an unfriendly place with danger at every corner, then I am likely to proceed through life hesitantly and fearfully anticipating the worst to happen.

If I have been brought up believing that the world is a friendly and supportive place then I am much more likely to be engaged and motivated to live life to the fullest and explore different places and experiences with joy and openness.

Looking at your life now! How much time do you spend dwelling in the past, rehashing things …situations and events, that have long gone? Reliving painful, uncomfortable or undesirable moments. Or Imagining future events that have not even, and are unlikely to, occurred or happen. And yet, despite the unlikelihood, we can spend our time imagining all different worst-case scenarios.

What If….

What if, instead, we could immerse ourselves in the joy of THIS  moment. Instead of using the beautiful and wondrous volitional capability of the conscious mind to judge and rejudge and rehash past situations…and instead of using that same conscious mind ability to imagine al possible future circumstances. If, instead, we could simply assess the past and move on, set our goals and move on, and FREE our minds to live engaged in this moment. Free to enjoy, free to experience.

Unloaded and Unfettered

Our old and often limiting subconscious beliefs and perceptions can keep us caged in stale and limiting ways of perceiving the world and experiences.

I invite you to learn how to identify subconscious limiting beliefs and to then consciously decide how you are wanting things to be instead. Simply….powerfully….effectively….and verifiably transform those that are limiting to ones that support

Free Your Mind In all areas of life, in just minutes…!

New Resolutions

New Resolutions

Happy New Year

It seems we start the new years with wonderful and positive intentions and as we stay focused we do start to see results.

Then…life begins to busy up again and our focus is divided and placed on other everyday things also… as our focus wanes so too can our best intentions.

If our subconscious habitual mind is lined up with those good intentions then all progresses well, as it helps keep us aimed in the direction of our conscious wishes.

If the subconscious habitual mind is steering us in a different direction completely, then we are likely to experience setbacks and what can feel like self-sabotage.

With PSYCH-K(R) processes for change, we can consciously line up our subconscious beliefs to support our conscious wisdom and desires… making our goals a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Simple, Powerful and Effective

Learn the how to’s and the principles and philosophy of PSYCH-K(R) in 3-day experiential workshop What are you wanting to achieve that feels out of your grasp?

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Retrain Your Brain

Retrain Your Brain

Have you ever wondered how to:

  • Remove annoying habits?
  • Think more positively?
  • Stop the negative self-talk?
  • Think more abundantly?
  • Change destructive behaviours?

What if it were your subconscious beliefs that are stopping you from achieving those goals? Sabotaging your progress forwards?

How did you form those beliefs? Where did they come from? Did you choose them?

It sounds crazy when we ask ourselves those questions in regards to behaviours we are constantly wanting to change, or to mindsets that frustrate us. Of COURSE, we didn’t choose them! I can almost hear you saying J

So…how DID we end up with the beliefs we have, and which underpin all areas of our lives.

During the first 7 years of life, we have a particular brainwave state which allows us to download HUGE amounts of data quickly and effortlessly! ALSO……without any conscious filter!

We took in the information loaded with however we were feeling at the time and TADA, new beliefs locked and loaded and now our normal operating system for future similar events, situations etc.

No wonder we drive ourselves crazy with our own thinking sometimes J

Would it be beneficial to be able to simply, powerfully and effectively update that old software???

YES. Actually, kind of imperative if we are wanting to achieve our goals, become the best version of ourselves and evolve our thinking and actions.

HOW do we Retrain Your Brain?

It’s important to understand that the subconscious mind is not like the conscious mind. We can’t simply have a chat with the subconscious. It is more like a tape recorder playing the familiar and habituated tapes. So, we need a way of communicating to find out just WHAT we are believing at this level of mind. Then, once we have identified the limiting beliefs we need something in mind to upgrade it too! What are we wanting to replace the old with?

Once we have done that, we need a process to actually create the change.

In my extensive experience, the simplest and most self-responsible way of retraining the mind is PSYCH-K®

During a 3 day Basic (foundational) PSYCH-K® Workshop, you will learn how to successfully and sustainably change unwanted subconscious beliefs to the ones you choose.


Are you ready to take control of your mind and create the life you are wanting? Join me in a PSYCH-K® Workshop this year

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Updating The Habitual Mindset

Minds Align - Update The Habitual Mindset 02

Minds Align - Update The Habitual Mindset 03Updating the habitual mindset improves so many aspects of life; health, relationships, emotions, personality, and career. It really is a key to happiness, to inner peace.

Updating the habitual mindset with PSYCH-K® is an easy, simple, powerful way to identify and transform the limiting subconscious beliefs and perspectives that are the drivers for the habitual mindset.

It’s all about you….what are your needs? Your dreams? How do you want things to be?

Often it is easier to identify what we don’t want…what we aren’t enjoying. Identifying how we want things to be instead is more helpful and more powerful.

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