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“Rosi is truly a gift to us and I feel very blessed to have her in my life. We were already friends and business colleagues when she completed her first PSYCH-K BASIC training, and I watched with interest over the following months as she changed and transformed aspects of her life.

This led me to do a private session with her which completely changed my life, drastically reducing the level of stress I was feeling.
As a result I wanted to learn this for myself and to use with clients, and life has never been the same!

Rosi is now an amazing PSYCH-K instructor and teaching this gift to people all over the world.
I would highly recommend doing the PSYCH-K training with Rosi for personal transformation in your life, or from a professional perspective if you want to facilitate simple, effective and lasting change with your clients.”

~Deana Cuming, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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“Rosi- from Minds Align has given me tools to use I my clinic that have surpassed all expectations.
Facilitation of Psych-K is one of the most effective, non invasive tools I have used for helping people with anxiety.

Please consider it in your toolbox for natural health facilitation.”

~Michelle Crone

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“I adore Rosi! Her knowledge, patience and intuition are outstanding. She’s a phenomenal facilitator.
I highly recommend getting to any of Rosi’s courses.

I’ve done several Psych-k workshops with Rosi and every single time, I’ve had huge shifts that have radically changed my life for the amazing.”

~Michelle Heltay