PSYCH-K® and Reprogramming the
Subconscious Mind

Reinvent Your Subconscious Mind and Achieve Your Goals Today

Minds Align offers a simple way of reprogramming the subconscious mind to line up with consciously considered decisions or desires.

Beyond Willpower, affirmations and positive thinking. PSYCH-K® is an effective, simple and verifiable set of processes that empower you to change the beliefs that are limiting or seemingly sabotaging you in various areas of your life.

We consciously grow and try to create lasting improvements in our lives. However, our conscious personality is not what coordinates our habitual practices. Our subconscious mind is the auto-pilot mind that keeps rolling out old hard-wired beliefs and attitudes when we are not consciously focusing on our behaviour. This can be frustrating because we are consciously committed and can feel like we are letting ourselves down.

Once we understand that it is just a subconscious tape playing and we can change that, life’s journey becomes a smoother and more enjoyable ride. Using PSYCH-K® we gain the tools to empower and support all areas of our lives.

Change your beliefs and change your life!

Once we have consciously decided what we want to be focusing our attention on in life,
it is made so much simpler and quicker by aligning our habitual subconscious mind.

How does the Subconscious Work?

Our subconscious mind is timeless and perceives all events in the present time only. It is our habitual mind and monitors all automated operations of the body, and habitual behaviours, hence we don’t need to consciously think of breathing or digesting food, or which muscles to engage to perform physical tasks….these bodily functions are taken care of by the subconscious mind which has expanded processing capacity of 40,000,000 bits of information per second! The subconscious mind has long term memory and can undertake thousands of events simultaneously.

During our formative years most subconscious beliefs formed are based and mimicked from our family, schooling, social groups, religious groups, and caregivers. Sensory information that, as an infant we process, is downloaded and encoded directly into our subconscious mind. At this time the mind is in a hypnagogic state and we have no conscious filter to question the reality of what we are sensing and perceiving. Information from the outside world enters the mind and brain without any analysis, judgement, editing or critical thinking. We all have different triggers based on the accumulation of our life events and experience, particularly our upbringing from in utero until 7 years of age.

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

As we learnt above, the subconscious mind is our habitual mind! This means it is not easy to change it, otherwise the habitual patterns we have learnt to cope with our internal and external environment can fall apart and not work!

Remember, we developed most of our subconscious patterns and beliefs during the first 7 years of our life, whilst our mind operated in a lower vibrational frequency, like hypnosis. And then we learnt habitual ways of responding and acting through repetition…so as to create the habit. Like riding a bike, or driving a car, it felt like a lot to learn and put together at first because we were using our conscious mind with it’s lesser processing speed. As these actions became HABITUAL through practice and repetition they became easier because our subconscious mind took over a lot of the habitual responses.

We can reprogram the subconscious mind similarly! With Hypnosis or repetitive habituation.

Using PSYCH-K® we utilise a third way! We create a whole-brained state that is the optimal state with which we can rewrite subconscious beliefs and transform those that are limiting us to ones that support us, in any area of our lives, in JUST MINUTES.

SIMPLE, FAST AND EFFECTIVE! Reprogramming the subconscious becomes like updating the software of your mind.

Utilizing strategies like these can help you in reprogramming the subconscious mind and evacuate the weight of the pessimistic musings covered there. Envision the flexibility of carrying on with your existence without the programmed useless practices you’ve had driving you for quite a long time!