Make real and lasting changes in your life now!


“I highly recommend Rosi as a Psych K instructor. She is very articulate and conveys the message with ease. Her passion and belief in the Psych K process is inspiring.

Having attended the basic workshop, I walked away empowered.
I not only learned the concept of making lasting changes, but was also equipped with tools to apply them in my everyday life.
In addition, the support group that meets every month in Canberra is priceless.

Psych K is a very liberating process.
It was an absolute eye opener because I realised that I could change a lot of outcomes by changing myself!”

~Katy Koo Garratt

“I honestly did not know much about Psych-K before I did my first workshop with Rosi, since then have attended several workshops and cannot recommend Rosi highly enough!

As a Psych-K instructor Rosi instills calmness, compassion and a safe environment for you to understand and learn what you can achieve with Psych-K.

I personally have had monumental changes in my life which I truly believe anyone can achieve.
It is a simple but empowering process. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to learn Psych-K with Rosi.”

~Diana Dee

Thank you Rosi, Psych-K allowed me the space with clear intention and facilitation to continue to unlock my potential in a grounded way with many practical applications I can use in everyday life.

Psych-K is not a key outside of myself, I’ve been given the life toolbox! Yey!

~Jodie, Perth