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Minds Align - Included In Your Tuition Fee

Included In Your Tuition

Minds Align - 1 IconStep-by-Step Instructional Folder and Key Information.
Minds Align - 2 Icon24 hours of Instruction with care and respect.
Minds Align - 3 IconThe workshop is a mix of lecture, group discussion, demonstration, and participation. You will be changing your own limiting beliefs by Saturday afternoon.

My name is Rosi Pletzer

I was certified by Rob Williams as a PSYCH-K® instructor 5 years ago. I now instruct PSYCH-K® Workshops around Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and in Europe.

I had found PSYCH-K® at a time in my life when I was needing to create change and as quickly and simply as possible. I had read Bruce Lipton's book "Biology of Belief" and heard of this work through that. I had tried so many other processes. EFT, NLP, affirmations, willpower, subliminal tapes, different forms of self-help and assisted help through counselors and coaches. Although I had found benefit in many of them, it seemed complicated and hard work to change the apparent stubborn areas of my life where I kept hitting similar road blocks or patterns.

After doing my Basic PSYCH-K® Workshop I practiced and just kept transforming areas that were noticeable in my life. The changes that occurred over a relatively short period of time were noticeable to friends and colleagues in a meaningful enough way that I commenced the journey to become an instructor.

Minds Align - Rosi

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