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PER-K® - Minds Align - Rosi Pletzer

For Everyone Interested In PER-K®


SPECIAL OFFER For Psych-K® Facilitators Only


The Intention Of The Workshop

Create a transformational leap in your own business while learning how to use PER-K® with your business clients in one-to-one sessions.

Why This Workshop

PER-K® - Essentials for Success™ is a workshop designed to be taught independent of PSYCH-K®.

Many PSYCH-K® Facilitators have asked to understand and experience PER-K®.

We honour that at a minimum you have previously attended the PSYCH-K® Basic workshop and are familiar with Muscle Testing, New Direction Balance, Resolution Balance and VAK to the Future.

This specialized PER-K® workshop will provide you with a greater understanding and experience of how to incorporate PER-K® within your role as a coach, consultant, trainer, business person or as an entrepreneur.

Pre-Requisite to attend

Previously attended PSYCH-K® Basic (and may have attended other PSYCH-K® workshops).

Considerations for greatest impact:

  • Currently working as a coach or consultant with business people
  • Identify self as an entrepreneur or business person
  • Desire to understand how to Facilitate with business leaders, entrepreneurs, or salespeople as examples, as well as within organizations
  • Ready to transform your current business with expanded success

This Workshop Is:

  • Going to utilize the same foundational processes you learned and experienced with the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop.
  • Designed to build and expand on what you already know, so you think differently about how and when you can utilize PER-K®.
  • Experiential for being a catalyst of professional transformation.
  • Not a workshop to learn new Balances.
  • Not a workshop to learn how to run a business.
  • Not a workshop to learn how to sell to organizations.
  • Expanding for those who have previously attended the PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration Workshop to explore how to apply those Balances within a business focus.

Preparation For Workshop

  • Consider a new possibility for your business
  • Reflect on what you want for yourself professionally
  • Identify a current challenge or project in your professional sphere that you want to transform then we will focus on how to effectively create a solution or pathway to success for you. For example, a new project
    that you want to launch or expand your confidence as an entrepreneur, coach or consultant.

"Overcome the fears and limitations that stop
you from doing what you know you can do!"

Outcomes From Workshop Sessions

  1. Identify and change beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward with your success potential.
  2. Learn how to explore the impact of thinking differently about a problem, issue or situation.
  3. Learn Goal Setting for the Subconscious - the business version of VAK to the Future.
  4. Experience using Goal Setting for the Subconscious within a team.
  5. Determine the impact of your current perception about business terms and Balance to shift your perception as needed.
  6. Understand and experience how to use PER-K to integrate the mission, vision, and values of an organization from being a plaque on the wall to daily active behaviours.
  7. Transform the Perception of Stressful situations as related to business, topics and objects.
  8. Explore new supportive beliefs related to your business project and Balance as needed.
  9. Integrate the Principles of Nature as they apply to your business project.
  10. Discuss how to apply PER-K® to various business situations such as supporting current training and development within an organization.

By Attending

  • You will Balance ideas and Goal Statements that enhance and impact your business success.
  • You will experience how to approach a business situation with PER-K®.
  • You will be able to use the title: PER-K® Catalyst.
  • You will connect with other professionals and potentially discover expanded opportunities.


  • Full days of application discussion and experience with Balancing
  • PER-K® Essentials for Success workbook

For more information, view these PDF's:

Contact Rosi for more information on the PER-K® or PSYCH-K® Workshops, or read the FAQ's.

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