PSYCH-K® and Personal development.

Personal development is real and lasting change in your personality. Your beliefs are the foundation of your personality

Your Beliefs are the foundation of your personality

Personal Development originates primarily through beliefs, usually subconscious, that are often the result of lifelong “programming”. We learn many of our beliefs as truth through watching and perceiving the world and people around us, while we are in a highly impressionable brain wave state. During the first 5-6 years of life we don’t have a clear conscious filter and take on information, attitudes, values and beliefs readily.

Our Personality Development includes foundational beliefs that define us as worthy or worthless, loved or unloved, belonging or outcast, good enough or lacking etc.

Significance of Personal Development

Personality Development is undertaken due to a large variety of reasons.
The primary being we are wanting to change some aspect of our life due to stress, discomfort, or conflict

Minds Align: Having beliefs that support us in Personal Development assists in all areas of our lives. Beliefs that support us in communicating easily and harmoniously with partners, work colleagues, family members create a more enjoyable experience of our day to day lives.

Beliefs affect every aspect of our lives, and when we openly and curiously question what we may have as out dated beliefs that are continuing to direct our responses and behaviors, then we can take action and update the software of our subconscious mind to become the best us we can be. We can take our development to the next level and really fast track the changes we are wanting to make within ourselves.

Personal Development is a constantly evolving lifelong process. It’s a way to assess skills and qualities, consider aims and goals, and maximise potential.

Early life development, experiences in our formative years, patterning ourselves on our role models and carers in our early childhood years until 6 or 7 years of age helps to shape us as adults, and creates the foundations for our personality. Personal development helps hone traits that we like and enjoy about ourselves, and helps transform or change those that no longer serve us.

PSYCH-K® gives us the key to develop ourselves simply, easily and quickly.

Personal Development is a lifelong evolutionary process that assists in developing talents, skills and potential. Personal Development facilitates an improvement of awareness and quality of life, and plays a major role in our ability to realize our goals in life.

Tips for Personal Development

  • Make it fun : It seems to be easier to motivate ourselves to learn, grow and improve when we have a purpose. Life will often present us with situations that propel us into action. Other ways we can take action can be by creating a personal vision of how we are wanting our lives to be, how we are wanting to respond to certain circumstances in life.
  • Journal your Self Development progress : Sometimes we forget just how far we’ve travelled, how we are growing and adapting. We forget to celebrate! It’s a great idea to keep a record. Write down and celebrate key developments and changes as they occur.Reflect at later dates to honour your progress on your unique life journey. This is often a great way to find motivation for other areas in your life where you are wanting to create change and personal development.